Monday, 5 November 2012

Design for web // Scamps

For the start of the web design brief, we were to design some scamps for our website, this is a design of the homepage and the design which will carry throughout the website and be a base for it all. 
For my designs i have looked through many websites existing and taken some inspiration from them to design my own layouts. 
I have tried to keep them quite simple but resemble the idea of instructional car manuals, as my website will be based on VW Campervans. 
The website is to inform people about VW campervans and show the different models and information about them. To do this i was thinking of doing a sort of timeline for each VW series.

Here are my scamps:
The initial 3 scamps design.

From the initial scamps i have taken the two i like the most and then shown what a page will look like from the homepage. 

Scamp 1 taken forward.

scamp 2 taken forward.

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