Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Concept & Final Idea

After coming up with several ideas previous to this i have developed some of the ideas and now i have a solid concept and idea which i am wanting to carry out for this brief and work on within the OUGD503 module.

I will create a campaign which will inform printers across the UK about the range of Fedrigoni papers available. This will consist of a information pack, which is solely based on paper craft and user interactivity and website & app which will let the printer access all papers available, to view and find out the specifications of them.

I will produce an information pack that will consist of 5/6 publications of the most useful papers for printers. These publications will use paper craft and pop up elements to bring the papers alive and show the use and adaptability of them.

The website and app will be a online resource for any printer / designer to access all the fedrigoni papers available and see the range, use and specification of each one.

The design will be consistent across the two platforms.

Expanding upon this:
Create an information pack which will be posted to printers. This information pack will include 5 publications which display and inform about different ranges of papers Fedrigoni offer and which are useful to the printers.
The publications will be created using paper craft to make them interactive, pop ups, layers of stock and interacting pages. This will demonstrate the adaptability of the papers and how they can be used in an interesting way within a project.
The content of the publication will show what each paper range is best for and demonstrate this within the publication. Specifications and wieghts etc will be used to describe and explain the full range of the papers.
This information pack will inform all printers and designers about the Fedrigoni paper ranges available and make them the favoured paper merchant.

Along with the information pack i will also design a website and app which work with the information pack. This will be a resource where any printer/designer can access all the information about a paper range and see the different colours/finishes/textures available and order them straight from the web or app itself. The design of this will run from the publications and make it consistent project and design that runs across both platforms.

Concept Boards
For the concept pitch tomorrow i have put together some concept boards which show and describe the idea of my project and how i am going to tackle the brief. This includes images of research and the direction of work i am undertaking. I have tried to keep them image based mainly as i think this gives people a better understanding of where you are heading, than just describing it in words.

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