Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Software Workshop // Web Design - Session 2

code for centering the website when using absolute positioning.
Margin-left is always half the width of the container.

To make a template
from the index.html document in each column make them an editable area by going 
inert > template objects > editable areas.
After doing this to each column save the file as a template.


To create website pages
Open the new template file and create a new file from template, using the template file.
Save this document as .html, naming as the website page name.

Linking pages
In the navigation section on the template file.
insert > image objects > rollover image
add name, files for buttons and the description plus linking the button to the website page.
For each button do the same but add it after the previous button.

For the navigation create each button as a different div, this will make all the navigation fit within the space. 

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