Tuesday, 20 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Final Publications

Here are the final two publications for my Print Manual, these make up the majority of my Print Manual pack.

Publication One: Designing for Print

Publication Two: Print Production & Finishes

I am really pleased with the outcomes of these publications - after making the amendments that Lorraine helped me out with, i think the publication does look alot more professional - its all in the detail. I have never looked into the design of the publication so closely before - getting rid of white space between lines and making a paragraph end on a full sentence - i never thought that this would make that much difference, but when you sit back from it after, it looks alot better, again more neater and the attention to detail makes it look more structured and professional. I also spent a long time making sure the lines were all aligned to the best i could get them - these were pain within the design, but i also think they add to the design massively and break down the page effectively so you eye can find the different areas within the DPS. 

I think the overall design of this publication is to a high standard and looks professional in my eyes, i have spent alot longer on the design of it, to get it to this standard and i think it is an improvement on the publications i have designed before. 
I look forward to the next encounter with editorial design - Im sure it will be soon

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