Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Design for web // Final Scamp

From the crit and the feedback given i have gone away and combined the two scamps which were favoured to create the new re-designed website.

I used the top left and bottom scamps to create the new re-designed website.

The elements which i took from each design:
Scamp 1
- The thinner box/image frames across the bottom
- The logo being above the main image area and not overlapping.

Scamp 2
- The large image area in the middle of the design.
- The idea of the links to each model along the bottom of the design

I have got rid of the links at the top of the page as these are redundant when having the image links at the bottom of the design. Also the page will be as seen as the screen size, there will be no scrolling involved throughout the website.

Re-designed Scamp
insert image

As you can see from the new scamp design above the website is still similar to those that i originally designed. 
Now it works as one set template across all pages and there is no scrolling involved in the website, it is how you see it.
I have used the idea of the image links across the bottom of the page, to link for the different models, which when pressed the information appears in the main content area in the middle of the page.
The page you are on is indicated by the link being a block colour. 
The main area in the middle of the website holds all the content. For the home page this is an image of the VW's, in the model pages, it will show a picture and have facts about each model. The use of the arrows in this area is to go to the next model within each series. 

I feel like this is a much better design, as it a lot simpler and works with the content in a more manageable way. I think the design has a better feel to it, by the one template being replicated throughout each page, the use of the arrows on the content area, will click to the next model within that series. I think this design will work well as the webpage for my subject.  

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