Monday, 26 November 2012

Design for Web // Creating the website

After finalising the Wireframe, Sitemap and Mock up Designs i started to create the website and I aimed to have a working homepage with all the links linking out to the pages and being able to get back to the homepage for the crit tomorrow.
I did manage to do this today!
I decided to use the file we had been working on with simon in the web sessions. I thought this would be the best idea because i knew that, that was working fine and all the correct coding was in it, I had to adapt the design and layout of it to match what i wanted but i felt confident in doing that.

Once i had started to change the original website file, i did infact find myself basically coding the website from scratch again, just inside the original file, as the website we had originally created in the sessions was nothing like how i wanted mine. This was good though because i started to learn more and actually realise what i needed to do to create the website and how to fix and solve things that went wrong along the way.

Like i said above i have managed to get the homepage designed and coding, which links out to the other pages and they all link within and back to the homepage.

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