Monday, 5 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print // Editorial design sheets

After planning out the publication and the rest of the pack i decided to move onto designing some layouts for the publication.  I had come up with a master page layout to carry out throughout the publication, but now i wanted to get as many designs down as i could, so i had a wide choice to choose from. 
I want to get the designs drawn up and then digitalise them, so once i have these i can then copy the layout across and just drop the content and images into it. This will be a quicker process for me, but still be designed well as i will have taken time over the original layouts. 

Master page and grid that the layouts work from. 

Content and title pages.

I have designed a variety of image, image and text and text based layouts, along with that i have thought about the content pages and the title pages too. All these together work well as a set of layouts because they all work from the same grid.

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