Friday, 16 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Packaging

Originally i had my packaging for the pack as a bigger box that encompassed the different stock swatches and printed material etc but because that has changed ( i have managed to get as many samples as i wanted) i have now changed how the sample pack will work as a separate product and the two things together will be the same size.
With the two products now being like this it makes sense to change the packaging to something more suitable for these two items.
I received some samples through the post the other day in a packaged box, which i really liked the idea and design of it, so i thought i could adapt it to work with my own products.

Net of packaging:

Example of the packaging:

Images to illustrate the packaging and how it will work. I like the fact that the packaging is flat but folds up and connects together to make the actual packaging for the products to sit inside, this would work well for me, as its easy for production and works perfectly well for posting/packaging the items together. Using a thicker stock would be best for this type of packaging.

Mock up of the Packaging

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