Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Final Crit

For the final crit today i had the majority of my products of the manual there and ready. After doing the mock ups of the packaging and sample pack i felt more confident about it and ready for the feedback on my work.
For the publications i printed them black and white, so that there was something to look at, but i wasnt too bothered on the colour as this could be seen on issuu.

Feedback 1
- good grid layout, consistent
- clear illustrations
- laser cutting has worked really well
- really well executed, layouts are neat and structured

Areas for improvements:
- Thumb space
- page 9, book 2 - missing characters

Body copy and headers are similar in design - perhaps try two different typefaces.

Feedback 2
- Covered all areas whilst keeping the same high quality - no part looks rushed
- clear, precise, visually pleasing
- Love the layout, consistent throughout both books.
- even when lots of information its spread out in a way that splits it ip and makes it readable
- change in point size works - looks professional
- use of duotone makes it consistent within the publications - used when necessary which is great.

Area for improvements:
- only thing were not sure about is orange and blue but thats personal choice - its for you after all.

- stock used for front covers possibly a little too bold/bright in comparison to ones used inside publication
- love the cow
- book 2 - pages 14-15, looks abit cramped, maybe rearrange
- really interesting binding method.

Overall common feedback from the group:
- Good research
- Contents pages needed / more detailed.
- Pages numbering
- Basic type skills
- Proof reading
- Line spacing

Presentation boards - too much writing, not read it when its that long.
In future have max of 4 lines of text.

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