Wednesday, 8 May 2013

OUGD505 // BAGD Exhibition // Final Crit

In the final crit for the poster brief today, we had to set our work out on tables and then everyone walked around and marked them out of 20. I thought this was a large scale to work at, but it was to get a wide range of results, to make it easier to get the top 7 designs.

I got 408 points and was marked by 32 people, this gave me an average of 12.75.
My poster didn't win or come within the top 7.

After this we had a small crit within the groups our posters were placed in, within this we had to talk about our final poster; how we designed it and why we did it in that way. After this we got feedback from everyone within the group.

- Good play on words with the type - 24/7.
- Very bright and eye catching.
- Well proportioned throughout the poster.
- Good choice of type.
- Its nice

- More information could of been placed within the poster.

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