Thursday, 2 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Final Concept

Final Concept for the exhibition of
90 Years of BBC Radio:

“Bringing History to the forefront”
“New Meets Old”

As the exhibition is about the last 90 years of BBC Radio, the concept works around the visual imagery of the history of the BBC.This will include imagery of presenters, technology and key events that happened throughout the years.The branding and promotional material will be built up from this aspect and involve black and white photography with the main branding colour.

Crit Feedback
Like the overall idea of the concept and works well with the content of the exhibition. The visuals should be good to show the idea of the history of BBC and the nature of the exhibition.

Think about the web element, make it more than just a website, include a app? which could be incorporated into the wayfinding system and something the audience can use when walking around the exhibition - indoor mapping - QR codes

The colour of branding needs working on, at the minute with the black and white photography it has a style of propaganda, which gives it a serious feel to the promo material - is this intentional? 

Look at other colour variations for the branding and how to work the images within these. 

 From the crit they identified work needed to be done on the colour scheme, so i have looked at various colours which i could use for the branding of the exhibition. 


The initial colour of orange wasn't working, so i looked into using a neon or fluorescent orange, but this would of been hard to reproduce through digital print, and match it at screen printing too. I thought about using fluorescent stock, but in the printers at uni that sort of stock makes the ink bleed, so it wont look that best. I decided to move away from using orange.

The next colour i looked at was a mustard yellow, i thought this would work well with the black and white imagery and the yellow is part of the BBC Radio Logo colour scheme. So it ties in well, but when put in place here, im not too sure about it. 

I introduced a green into the colour pallete, this again is a colour used within the BBC Radio logos, but i have edited the colour slighly to work better with the yellow, it is now more of a mint green. I think the two colours work well together here, but the green and the black and white photography dont work well, they dont sit nice over the top of each other and when a blending mode is applied the green type becomes un readable.  

Using the orange and green together, but the colours dont really mix together well and dont look nice together so this is deffinaly a no. 

Here i have used the green on its own and brought the black back into use, this with the imagery works well, but it looks a little too bold with the black and those sections of the design take over making the white type hard to read. 

From the two previous colours above, i used the yellow and green mixed together and introduced a blue to the colours, as yellow and blue make green, so these three colours work well together. Also all the colours are apart of BBC Radio Logo colour scheme so they all tie in well. I put them into a gradient by accident, but really like the effect of it - it was a happy accident and works really nice together. I think this as a identity of a exhibition could be interesting because the three colours can be used to zone different areas and seperate print collateral too. Using the three colours in the wayfinding system could be interesting too. 
The colour scheme as a calming and cool effect to it, it think this works well for a exhibition as thats the sort of vibe i think should go with an exhibition, the gradient also illustration change, but the blend of colour show it as a development. Just like the development of the radio over the last 90 years. 


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