Thursday, 2 May 2013

OUGD505 // Concept Workshop

To get us thinking more about concepts and how to develop a concept into something which can evolve and work across a wide range of products and media, we spent a morning doing a workshop on concepts. 

Initially we split up into teams, I worked with Sam, Sam, Chris and Simon. 
The task was to create a concept for a bar - the bar could be any sort of bar we wanted and located anywhere. 

We were given a selection of words which we had to choose from to use as a starting point for a name of the bar and the work the concept around. 

We choose NUMBERS. 

Through various tasks around the idea of word association we came up with the main identity, name, audience, location, unique selling point and products to design. 

Below are the design sheets of all the tasks and creating the various lists to inform our concept and where we were taking it. 

Once we had completed the tasks and got all the information we needed to explain the concept, we were given an hour to create some sort of presentation in which we would present our concept to the rest of the groups. 

For this we created a digital presentation and some design sheets of the products and bar area of our bar. 
The design sheets here show various idea for the bar, the bar area would have stacked barrells of beer and have a large ladder in which you can climb to reach some of the barrels, on the wall there is a giant blackboard so the prices of beer can be listed. 

We proposed that the bar would sell tasters of the beers which would come in a collection of three, you can choose any three beers to test. They would come in the holder drawn below, the abacus beads are to show the taste, colour and smell of the beer. 

Finally the till would be an old style till to fit the theme and work with the abacus, we thought how the abacus could be incorporated as this is a mathematical tool. Maybe the abacus could be linked to the till to show the amount the customer owed for the drinks. 

The presentation

Even though at the start of this workshop i thought it was going to be something that got in the way of me getting on with my work, it was really helpful and fun to do at the same time.
It was good to see how easier it was to think of a concept within a group of people as ideas can be bounced from one another. Also the idea of the word association works really well to get an idea in which you can develop into a concept. Also thinking about a concept is, this has helped me broaden my idea of a concept and make it something that can be spread across a range of products and something that can be expanded upon.
I think from this i have definatly understood the idea of a concept more and how easy it is to come up with one from one word, i was surprised by the amount of time it took us too - not long! It was good to do and informed me for my what is good brief.

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