Saturday, 11 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // New Colour Scheme

From the last crit that i had, the colour in which i was using came up as a criticism and that mixing the orange with the black and white photography made it have a propaganda feel it to and a very serious tone to the whole exhibition promotion.

To address this i looked at the colour scheme quite alot and did alot of tests of different colours for the promotion of the exhibition. After looking at the orignal artwork i did believe that comments more and thought it needed a change.

The original orange came from the BBC radio 2 logo. So i started to look back at the logos again and looked at the different colours, this time i wanted to incorporate more than one colour, just to give a variety and i thought it would work better within the branding.

In the end i choose:

I liked these three colours the most out of all the colour of the 9 different radio stations. But i only wanted to use two colours because it made it easier for the branding, incorporating a third colour would maybe make it too much and confuse the design. 

I decided to cut out the green as a main colour and i focusses on the blue and yellow. I didnt particularly like these two shades of the colours so changed them slightly to be a more lighter / pastel version of each other:

These were the two colours which i came up and decided to use across the branding. 
I still like the idea of having the green within the branding though and thought that it could work well with the two colours above, so i created a green that fit in with the yellow and blue:

I didnt want this to be a dominant colour within the colour scheme, so i came up with the idea of using a gradient. I thought that this could be really interesting within the exhibition promotion. I havent really seen this sort of colour used within promotion for an exhibition - not in my research anyway. But it definatly fits in with what i am doing because all three colours link in with the original logos. I thought it would make it more interesting and have a nice feel to it. Also the gradient would relate to the idea of change - the change in radio over the years. 

The gradient looks like this. Which when i created it, i instantly liked it and thought that it would work really well across the promotional material. So i decided to run with this colour scheme instead. 

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