Sunday, 12 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Primary Research

I have looked at some books about exhibition design, which has helped me with the way finding and plan of the exhibition.
The books in which i have looked at are:
- When space meets art: spatial, structural and graphic design for event and exhibition.
- Exhibition design.

These images from the book have helped me understand the exhibition design and way finding for an exhibition further. I know I'm not actually designing the the exhibition, but having an understanding of the layout etc will help me when trying to do the wayfinding and plan of the exhibition, so i am glad that i took the time to look at this. 

Also i visited the National Media Museum as they have a exhibition about the BBC on, this is more about the television side of things, but had a small section about the radio. It was also good to look around at the way finding of this space and see how it all works together. 

Also as part of my way finding and looking at exhibition spaces more I looked at the small exhibition space we have in college, this was to look at the way in which is was set out and how the work, works in the space. The images i took will also be used within my way finding to try and show it mocked up within an exhibition space.

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