Monday, 20 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Staff Uniform

The last part of the branding for the exhibition is the staff uniform. I wanted to design this to make it all in keeping with the whole branding and so when then exhibition was on the staff looked part of the exhibition and the vistors could identify them for if they needed help.

The first part of the uniform is the staff pass. This is a card which is kept within a card holder on a lanyard. The staff would have to wear this round their neck at all times, so visitors can see it.
The details included on the pass are the employees name and which section they work in, along with the exhibition identity.

The staff pass is very similar to the design of the tickets for the exhibition. It uses the same part of the design which involves the exhibition name and imagery of the microphone. As the staff pass was at the same scale as the ticket, i could use the same artwork for this section. As you can see this is placed to the left to leave room for the employees details. 

Adding the employees details to the pass, allows the visitors to see there name and where they work within the exhibition - this helps it be more personal and so they can identify who they need to ask for help.  

The simple line detail underlines this section of the pass and highlights this area of the design. 

Adding the exhibition logo ties it in with the rest of the branding material, and makes it identify to the exhibition. 

Two variations in design because of the employees details. 

Images of Staff Pass:

Staff T-shirts
For the t-shirts i have kept the design simple, they include the logo and 'staff' on the front then on they back they say 'need advice? I'm here to help' having this wrote in a conversational style on the t-shirt makes it more personal to the vistors and will make it seem okay for them to go and ask for help. Its all about making the vistors feel comfortable in asking for help which having it wrote like this does just that. 

There are three colours for the staff t-shirts, these are the colours of the branding gradient and the colours of the floors within the exhibition. Depending on which floor the employee is working on depends on the colour shirt they get. This again is to make it easier for the visitors to identify who to ask and where they are working within the exhibition. 

Front design of t-shirts:
Ground and third floor employees

2nd floor employees

1st floor employees

Back design of t-shirts:

ground and third floor employees

2nd floor employees

1st floor employees

PDF showing designs of t-shirts:

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