Friday, 3 May 2013

OUGD505 // BAGD Exhibition // Concepts

From being given the brief on wednesday morning and finding out what the brief entailed we had a workshop to work on the concepts we could produce for this brief.

We had to think of 3 concepts and produce visuals to present for the next day. In the crit we would present each concept and then the rest of the group will decide which is the best and which to take forward in being the design and concept to work with.

Like the previous concept workshop we split down into groups and did the word association task in order to collect lists of words which were related to categories to do with the idea of the brief and what we had to create.

Design sheets and ideas from the group workshop - we didnt really identify any possible idea / concepts but we defiantly came up with some ideas that could trigger off potential concepts for the brief.  

Graphic Design
The space itself
bi monthly

Word Lists
graphic design - format, craft, geo, geometric, crop, process, pixel, hex, sept / septagon
space itself - casual, territory, environment, community, void, passage, corridor
rotation / change - circular, develop, duo, 24/7
exhibition - exposure, impression, flaunt, break through, emerge, break, chosen

From this i looked into the words more and created a further list that broke down these words further.

The three words which i chose in order to create a concept were -

the idea that the exhibition was always there to be seen, but the 24hr represents the idea of change and rotation of the exhibition. The 7 also links into the number of frames and exhibition artwork there will be.

Taken from the idea of design, crop is a tool in which we use as designers. The idea of cropping to the frame size also.

Duo means 2 and represents the idea of bi- monthly, this is how often the exhibition will change.

Information to be displayed on the poster:
Name of event
body copy to make aware that it will be an exhibition space - exhibition space opening october 2013.

Concept Presentation Boards:

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