Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Brief and Rationale

For this brief i have rewritten the initial brief i set out to do and made it more currant for the work and things in which i have produced now, it has taken a slight twist to the orignal idea with new colour schemes and other design decisions that have made me change the idea along the way. 


In this brief my main focus is on the branding and identity and the promotional material for the exhibition that i have proposed. This exhibition is the 90 Years of BBC Radio Exhibition. From the research I have taken out I have the background information to create all the products that i need to make this exhibition successful. The idea behind the exhibition is to use imagery form the olden days of the Radio and shed the light over what used to be the radio and how they used to broadcast and use the radio in them times. The exhibition is an audio and visual exhibition which uses lots of video and interactive ideas within the exhibits. 

In terms of the branding and identity I want to create a logo which communicates the idea of old and new coming together, this could be done using imagery or vector imagery. From the research i carried out it informed me on the sort of exhibition branding that i needed to get some idea from and see where these took me, i know that i want to experiment with stock and formats within these two areas of design which i have chosen to use.

The promotional material is just as important as the identity because the promo material sells the museum and exhibition space to the visitors and makes them want to come along and enjoy the exhibition space. Within the promo material i want to create a large range of products which vary in format to show that the branding and identity can be applied across a range of products and done at a high standard too. 

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