Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Final Images

Final images of all printed products within the project. This includes all exhibition branding and identity and promotional material. 

I am happy with the results of the printed material that i have designed and created for this project. I think that i have adapted the idea of the concept and show this across the printed products to create a large range of products which focusses on the branding, identity and promotional material for an exhibition event. 
In this project i have learnt a lot of new skills and techniques and i think i have shown this through the work i have produced which mixes digital and hand printed outcomes. I have constantly tried to push the format of every product i have included to make it interesting and different from the standard formats, the use of stock, binding techniques and printing techniques have also been a focus within the way i have produced the work. 

I am happy with the photography of the work too, i would have liked to get into the photography studio to get the images at the best quality i could, but unfortunately due to time constraints and the fact it was fully booked i couldn't, so i have done the best i could with the studio space we had available. I think the photography of the products is strong which i did take time over doing to make it the best i could. 

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