Sunday, 12 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Primary Exhibition Material

To get an idea of exhibition material that you would normally create, i visited a few different exhibitions to look at the promotional material and other print literature that they have within the exhibition space. 

This is a flyer for an exhibition space that is opening around leeds. I like the use of type and the photography used within the type makes it stand out and catch your eye because it is something different. 
The layout of the flyer is great too, i particularly like the front - the body copy at the bottom works well with the large point size of the title. 

This is a information booklet from the National Media Museum. I like the format of the publication, it is A5 but landscape, this is different to normal and gives the designer more space to use for the content. I also like the use of full bleed photography. The grid structure is clean and simple and makes it easy to read throughout the publication. 

Again another publication from the national media museum. This is a much thicker booklet and is perfect bound, which works well for the amount of content there is. The publication is laid out well and i like the use of photography within the pages and the information. I think the mix of these is good throughout the book. 

This is the exhibition guide for the national media museum. I really like this publication, i think the design of it is great for the content, with the use of pastel colours and the stock that has been used it gives it a natural feel and look. The content is set out well within the grid structure and gives clear and precise information about the museum space. I like the size and format and think its a really simple but effective publication to use for the exhibition. 

This is a flyer for the national media museum film festival. I like the use of imagery within the flyer and the layering of all the images together to create the artwork for the flyer. I think the type lets the flyer down because it quite basic and sort of just put in the middle of the page. 

This is a promotional flyer for a night club, its nothing related to an exhibition, but i thought the format of it was interesting. It comes folded in A5 format, but you unfold both sides of the flyer to open to more information, this then unfolds again to show the inside A3 poster. The design of it isn't that good at all, but the format is, which is what i liked about it.

This is a small A6 publication for the howard assembly rooms in leeds. Again this isnt that much to do with an exhibition, but the format and design caught my eye. I liked the use of the full bleed photograph on the front cover, which the orange has been applied over the top, this is carried throughout the publication with a neat and simple grid for the small space of the publication within. At the end there is a illustrated map, which i really liked, it fit in with the style of the publication and still provides clear directions to find the space. 

This is a great publication, i really do like this. The colour and stock of this set it off really well. Its for the west yorkshire play house and is to promote up coming events. Its done in a concertina fold, which folds out to show a a2 poster of the events around Leeds. Throughout the publication the simple body copy and images work well on each page and compliment each other well. The poster has a great infographic for the map of leeds, which has all the information displayed below in a well structured table. The format, colour and stock caught my eye on this one and i think i will use of the ideas within my own work.

Simple flyer from the National Media Museum. 

Exhibition event list from LCA. The front cover sets this off well, with the nicely laid type on the front cover which looks like it has been letterpressed or embossed. The inside does let it down a little because its pretty simple in that it just a big block of text, i like the use of the full bleed image on each page to accompany it. I guess it does the job and communicates the information well, just nothing special for the design on the inside really.  

Lastly we have the nation of shopkeepers booklet. This agin is a folding publication. A3 which holds the information on a poster on the inside and it folds down to show events happening on the smaller pages. The format is good and interactive, good way of using the A3 sheet effectively too. 
I like the design of the poster on the inside, the pastel block colours break all the information up and make it easier to read as its not all one big block of information now. The black and white images also work well against the colours used. 

From looking at these promotional materials three of the booklets caught my eye and i thought using these as a basis for my publications could work well. I have chosen three different formats which are all suitable for the different publications they will be used for. They also work well together to create a small information pack for the exhibition. 

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