Monday, 13 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Outdoor Banner

Normally when you see a museum or exhibition space outside the building there would be big banners next the road or around the building of what exhibitions are on at that time. In order to promote my exhibition well, i have designed a outdoor banner which would displayed as one of these promotional banners.

The banner is basically a smaller version of the main poster, but simplified down too. Have taken the gradient background and made this full bleed, i have still kept the title and microphone and the main information about the exhibition, but re arranged the layout so that it fits the new smaller and thinner format.
I have tried to keep it the same as the poster and the rest of the branding because i want to show how the initial promotional material and branding can be spread across a range of media, in keeping it similar and adapting the design for each format this is showing that the right design decisions are being made to create the promotional material but also to keep them all consistent and run as a brand.

This is the main banner, as you can see the design is very similar to the rest of the promotional material, it has just been adjusted for the new format. 

I have then created an even smaller banner, which is just the exhibition name and imagery to support, this could be used for as a smaller banner or maybe to be applied to a different object. Again it is showing the versatility of the logo, type and imagery which i created as the visual identity for the exhibition. 

Placing the product in context. 
In order to do this i found some images online which i could mock up the banner, the location of these images isn't where they would normally be place, but these were the best images i could find and work with. 

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