Sunday, 12 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Tutorial

Last week I had a tutorial with Lorraine. I wanted to have one to discuss the new colour scheme and the idea about the app. 

I spoke about the colour scheme and showed the various colour variations of the posters etc and Lorraine agreed with me that the new one was the right way to go. She thought that it worked much better in the new scheme and fit well within the idea of using the colours from the orignal radio logos. It also had a more exhibition feel to the scheme. 

With the posters i spoke about screen printing them and seeing if this would be necessary to do because i knew that i needed to get some printing techniques in within the body of work. Even though i didnt really want to screen print them myself i would of done it if it was necessary to do so. Lorraine asked me why i wanted to know this and why i didnt want to do it. 

Which i replied with to make sure i got the higher marks and i didnt want to do it because the posters are quite complicated to screen print as it would in in cure 3 screens and be a 3/4 colour screen print. I also didnt think it would be necessary because if this exhibition was to be done for real in the industry then i dont think that they would choose screen print for the poster because of this complexity of them and the amount of time it would take. 

After saying this and discussing it further, Lorraine did agree with me and said that she didnt think it was necessary to do so, because it probably wouldnt be done in the industry and this module is all about design for the right media. Theres no point in doing it just for doing it if it isnt necessary to do it in that way. This put my mind at rest and i did explain i was planning on using embossing and foiling within other products, so this still showed the printing techniques coming through into my work. 

The final thing discussed was the way finding and app that i had thought of creating. I explained the idea behind the app and Lorraine thought it was a good idea as long as it could be available for everyone, as not everyone has the availability of the app. The other concern brought up was that it didn't take away from the exhibits itself, so to make it that the user wouldn't be more interesting within the app than the actual exhibition. 
The main reason for the app was to make it so that anyone that is walking around can view and listen to the videos etc to themselves because if it was all playing at once it would create a horrible noise within the exhibition space. This was the main focus for the app and what i needed to think about. 

I raised the point of do i need a way finding system within the exhibition if i was going to propose this app because that would do the way finding for you, but we discussed this and came up with the idea that the basic way finding should be displayed around the exhibition, because this is plying into the app taking over more otherwise.

I came away from the tutorial with lots of good information about my work and knew that i could get on with the way finding and app idea now, and not needing to worry about the screenprinting of the posters.

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