Monday, 6 May 2013

OUGD505 // BAGD Exhibition // Poster Design

From the concept crit I decided that i was going to use the 24/7 concept as i thought it was the strongest concept that linked into the exhibition and so did the rest of my crit group.

I was going to use the logo which i had created on my design sheets, i initially scanned in the image and used this to be the stencil to draw around for the basis of the poster.

On paper I really liked the look of this and thought that it fitted well together, i carried this through to illustrator to vectorise the logo. 

This was the result of the vectorised image. I used circles as the basis of the stencil and joined them up accordingly to create the logo. But now when looking at it i an see that not all of the logo is in proportion. The top of arch of the two is not quite the same as the stem of the two and the stem of the seven is wider than that of the top of it. I have tried to play around with the anchor points points to get it right. 

I then decided to use a standard font as an outline to create a shape in which i could use as a guide to thicken out the logo above. 
Once i had used this as a guide to create the logo it now looked like this:

The logo works much better being angular and having straight edges opposed to being rounded. The thickness of the logo stands out much more and makes it sit better on top of the bright green. 
I am much more happier with this as the logo and being the main focal point of the poster. 

From this i now need to add the type, this will add some information to the poster to inform what it is about. The type i will include is: 
Exhibition space opening Oct '13. 

I wanted to keep the type to a minimum as firstly i wanted the logo to stand out the most and secondly it makes it seem more interesting and more likely for people to keep checking back if they dont know the full details.

The finished poster looks like this above. As you can see the type is worked in and around te logo which being so bold stands out really well against the bright background colour. 
I decided to use the bright fluorescent green as the background colour because i wanted something that would stand out in the corridor and get peoples attention, having it such a bright colour will definatly do that job. 

In order to create more of range of the posters i have done the design with a variation of background colours: 

I still think that the green works the best, as the contrast between that and the black of the logo and type works the best out of all three. Also the green can be achieved much brighter when printing.

For producing the posters, i was deciding between digital print and screen print, but i found it hard to find any fluorescent stock anywhere to screen print onto and i knew it was going to be really busy over the week. 
So i decided to use digital print, but along with this i wanted to include vinyl on the logo, this would be in black. The idea of this was to make a glossy shiny black logo, so that it stood out more on the paper. This was my intention anyway. 

Printing the poster was really good, the green came out really bright and i was very happy with the result of that. The black printed really well on top of the colour too, so the printed version i was defiantly happy with and i knew if the vinyl went wrong i could always fall back on the printed version. 

insert images. 

For the vinyl poster, i printed the same poster and thought i could use the printed logo as a guide to line the vinyl to. This was going to be the hardest part and i really struggled to get it in line. As i thought it was going to be hard and i couldn't really see where to place he vinyl to line the whole logo up in the end it didn't go very well and ended up messing the poster up. 

As you can see here the vinyl hasn't lined up with the logo and over laps on the page, this really doesn't look very professionals and i was pretty annoyed that i couldn't line up as you can see in this image above and below the vinyl makes it more glossy and shiny which would have looked good against the green. 

Also i used the light reflective vinyl, so when an image is taken with flash it turns gold. I thought this would have been good for anyone who would take an image of the poster, because they wouldn't be expecting it and then when they looked back at the image it would look gold but be black in real life. It plays in with the idea of change. 
Again you can see here where the vinyl hasn't lined up with the print, which is a real shame. 

Full poster with vinyl - the over lap of the vinyl is visible on the lower parts of the logo. Maybe i will try and do it again? 

The finished poster and one i am going to hand in is the printed version, because if this was to be chosen as the design to promote the exhibition, then the vinyl would have to be produced for every poster, this would be very time consuming and be hard to do as shown here. Also the cost of producing the poster would be higher, so using the printed version is more visible there isn't that much difference in the look of them both. 

Finished poster:
insert image. 

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