Saturday, 11 May 2013

OUGD505 // Type Workshop // Concertina Booklet

As part of the type workshops we were to use all things we had learnt to create a concertina booklet, this could be about anything and be any size. 
I decided to use this task as part of my work for what is good and created the publication for the exhibition guide. I wanted to use the concertina fold within the publication anyway as i thought it was a more interesting format than the standard fold. 

To create the document for the concertina book, i had to change the layout of the pages in indesign, to create the pages flowing next to each other. 

This created the pages below, which are a5 in size and with them laid next to each other it fits onto an a2 page, if i double side print this then i can fold it up and create the concertina fold. 

For the publication i wanted to use one of the grid systems we had learnt about in the sessions, i decided to use the Van Da Wahl grid, this shows the grid being applied to all the pages. 

To add the content to the publication i simply created a text box which fits within the grid system in which i would have all the text in. I decided to go for a simple layout and have the text in one solid block spanning the page, because its not an awfully big paper size and the information fits better and reads better like this. 

Here you can see that all the content of the publication fits and aligns with the grid system applied to the pages. 

This is the pages without the grid on the back, the bottom page is rotated so that when it is printed it will be the right way when it is flipped around.  

This image show both sides the right way around. 

Screen shots of each page to see the detail and content of each page. 

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