Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Design Sheets

Design sheets for all products throughout the project. These design sheets are ones that i have taken time over at the beginning of the project, this has helped me develop my ideas and concept for this brief .

Initial planning of the project and where i could take it. 

Exhibition Way finding:

Solving the design problem

Exhibition icons

Exhibition way finding mock ups on walls.

Website design:

Design number one - print based web outcome.

design number 2 - designing for web bu using elements and technology for designing for print. 

Initial development of the idea. 
Same thing - initial development of the idea. 


Exploring the different screens within the app itself and how they can be designed well and make sense to the users.
Looking at creating user interface. how will the different pages be identified. 


Setting out the three different sizes and what would be included this time. 

Working on the grid and column system - this will be used across all products to make them consistant across all media. 

Information booklet - design sheets - rough idea.

Working on exploring the chsosen design and how it can be improved upon. 

Map guide exhibition guide - simple small A6 sized publication. Creating the initia layouts of the publication.  

Working further on the layouts and experimenting with other ideas to create a more free system in which we could use.

Concerinta book. Again working on the page layouts, both single and double placements. 

Planning the concertina book - how each page will work out on the late a2 sheet, 


Looking at creating the designs and getting some ideas out of my mind and down onto paper, this helps me develop the idea further and think how i can push it more and more. 

More poster development

More poster development

Invitations - experimenting with formats and stock to try and think of a good way to invite the visitors to the museum - i want something different, something you havent seen before. 

Invitations back page - keeping the design simple is wise because i am going to screen print them out afterwards. 

Tickets - working on various idea and formats and stock to create the nice tickets which you will receive in the evening do.

Compliment slip - the start of the branfing. Here i am creating intial ideas on how the braning can work 

Letterhead - creating the letterhead in the same / similar design style to the compliment slip, this shows the consistency between all products and makes them look like a set of outcomes from one persons.

Bussiness card front - in order to attract the right people you need an attractive business card in which you can choose what to have displayed on the business card. here i have used minimal type and only the needed details about the exhibition within the design of the business card.

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