Monday, 20 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Branding Folder

Here we have the folder to hold all the the business stuff together though and keeping it safe. To make it so that the business stuff fits inside the folder i had to create a small add on to the blue stock in order to create a pocket in wich the branding products will slid within. 

This is the front view of the folder, here i need to add a title to the lighter coloured stock down the right hand side. This is the same wide and depth as the pockets on the inside.  

Finally showing the pocket within the folder, here you can see it has been made using a different stock that is wrapped around the edge of the folder to create the pocket. This stock is the same as the title section on the front cover and is a similar stock and colour that i have used throughout the project. 

The pocket has worked really well and after trimming down the letterheads and other products they all fit nicely within the pocket area.  

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