Sunday, 12 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Tickets

As part of the promotional material i wanted to create a ticket which would be used for general admission to the event. Even though it is free admission i thought still to create a ticket, because it can be a memorabilia for the event and just a way the event staff can see who are within the exhibition etc.
Design sheets:
Exploring the different formats that the tickets could take and how they would work in the exhibition environment.

I wanted to create something a little different for this and not still to a standard square or rectangular ticket. Initially i did start off with a rectangle, but in the end its not just a rectangle. I also wanted to look at how the staff can identify how they have checked someone through the exhibition upon entry and to make sure that the ticket can only be used on that day.

Sticking with the same imagery of the main poster i have transferred this across to the ticket to show the branding working across different format and sizes. The ticket has been split into two, one side is for the staff and the other for the customer. The side with all the information is the one the staff would keep as this has the barcode for the entry of the customer it also states wether it is a adult or child on that part of the ticket too. The other side would be for the customer to keep as this shows it is the event and would be something good to keep as memorabilia. The circles down the middle of the ticket will be laser cut or hole punched so it can be ripped in half, this also gives a nice aesthetic to the ticket too.

Again i have applied the artwork to the new colour scheme, which i think makes it look alot better, this colour scheme works really well with all the content, the microphone image blends well with all three colours and looks good on the blending mode and the darker colours of the gradient are great to overlay the text and make it stand out more.

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