Friday, 3 May 2013

OUGD505 // BAGD Poster // Concept Crit

From creating 3 concepts for the exhibition and drawing out some ideas to illustrate the ideas and how it works for the exhibition, we had to present them to a small group in which they would give us feedback and then decide on which concept was the strongest and to take forward.

Concept Chosen: 24/7


1. 24/7 strongest concept fits in with the exhibition well. The logo works well simple and memorable.

2. 24/7 defiantly the one to got for but be careful there isn't too much text as it may distract from the logo design which is really quite sophisticated. You could defiantly experiment with different colour stock and possibly make a series of posters.

3. 24/7 - strong logo, strong visuals. All works really well together and fits together nicely. Look into florescent stok and digital print in black.

4. 24/7 - you could consider screen printing onto flourescent stock, as it would only be one screen, but depends on time.

5. 24/7 is the strongest concept. The name ties in with the concept of the ever changing exhibition. The idea of experimenting with bright coloured stock would be interesting and certainly eye catching.

6. 24/7 -  I like how the number fit together. Strong concept that the audience will recognise and relate to.

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