Monday, 13 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Plan of Exhibition

As i had decided from the beginning that the exhibition will be at the National Media Museum in Bradford i have decided to make a floor plan of the exhibition. This will come in use for the way finding of the exhibition and also to be used within the publications and map guide of the exhibition.

To create the map of the exhibition i downloaded the original map guide from the national media museum website, as it is held there it makes sense to use their floor plan as it is laid out to the museum footprint already.

As my exhibition has three galleries it will take over 3 of the exhibition spaces within the museum, this will be floors 1-3, to create the map i simply used the pen tool to draw around the shapes of each floor and to create the floor plan.

Using this image i was able to draw around the shape of the floors to create the initial map layout. 

This created the initial layout of the museum space and exhibition spaces. I have used the colours of the gradient to break the map up into the different floors and these colours will also be used in the way finding for each of the corresponding floors.

From this i could start to add more detail to the map. In the exhibition spaces i have added simple drawings and line to make it look like a set out exhibition space, these make it look more like a map and would be how it would be done if the exhibition was for real and i had planned what was in each space. 

From the drawing above i have added the text. This was hardest part of the whole map, because i had to get it into perspective of the whole map and make it sit right within the lines of each exhibition space. Adding the museum entrance to the bottom also makes it easier to relate things to each other from this entrance. 

Adding stairs and toilets as the main amenities within the map, gives basic instructions to show where everything is. The ground floor has been labelled for the shop and cafe and reception desk, so all the given areas of the museum space are no clearly labelled on the map.  

Finally i added a wall on the ground floor to show this is the entrance to the exhibition and it will be the first thing you see when you walk into the museum. I thought this would be good to promote the exhibition and show what it is, but also be a reference point for on the map so the user can see where they are in relation. 

This creates the full map and a small but effective piece of information graphics, which will be used within various products throughout the project to inform the users of the exhibition space and how to navigate around it. This will also be used in conjunction with the way finding and app. 

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