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OUGD503 // Creative Partners // Ella's Kitchen

Over the weekend i have been thinking of some ideas and a way in which we can present this brand pack to the internal clients and audience.
Within the brief it has already been outlined that they want some sort of printed material but also something that they can either send out or email / digital copy to be able to send to clients in other countries etc and for people they cannot meet.

I have come up with some ideas which i think could work for the branding of this set of products.
1. Story Tale
- child friendly - runs in line with brand
- background of the company has a story to it.

Basically the idea of this is to enlighten the internal audience of the ellas kitchen brand through a story. The story will start from the beginning of the company and run through to now, on the way it will highlight the main events and things that the company has achieved, along with telling them the important information they need to know about the company.

2. Character based.
- within the website characters are already used
- breakdown the needed information, separate this and create a character for each section.

Similar to the story tale in that I would create a set of characters which will be displayed throughout the products to tell the story of Ella's Kitchen. It will be wrote as though they are talking to the reader and informing them about the brand. This isn't so much in the format of a story, just using the characters in the way a story would.

3. Working with the 5 senses.
- products that they already produce all work around the five senses - makes sense to carry this throughout the branding and make it something unique to them.

- hear - promo video
- see - publication / digital application
- smell - scented paper?
- touch - publication / welcome pack
- taste - samples of products.

- show how the brand works on these senses by having a different product for each one as listed above.

4. Healthy Eating / Fruit and Veg
- brand is big on products being made from natural ingredients and actually using the fruit and veg within them.
- promote this by creating fun characters based around the ingredients of the products - relates to products and brings them to life. Child based - in line with brand
- use the vibrant colours of the fruit and veg to be the colour scheme throughout the products. Branding is very colourful.

Similar to the character based idea, in that characters will be created to be displayed throughout the products and to talk about ella's kitchen. Excpet this has a much better link to the product iteself, by using the ingredients of the products to create the characters its bringing the products to life, which will be great to promote them and is in keeping with the child like style of the brand.

Breaking the brand down
To produce a range of products in which communicate Ella's kitchen as a brand to the clients etc, the right information needs to be included within the products. I have looked through the website itself to identify the key selling points and what would need to be included.

I have found 4 key areas which i think need to be communicated to the internal audience:
- The story and background of Ella's Kitchen
- The products
- What good things they do
- Who is involved / contact details. 

I think that using these 4 key areas to the brand we can communicate a clear and precise set of products which show Ella's Kitchen in its best possible way. 

Thinking of the products along the way has evolved into a list of things which could be possible to use within the product range:
- publication - printed
- interactive publication
- website
- app
- branding
- stationery
- pinafore
- pop out characters
- samples of products
- stickers
- play book // colouring book
- desk tidies
- toy
- key rings
- memory sticks
- tote bag.

Developing products
I am interesting in publication alot and find this the area of design that i am most interested in, I have focussed on developing the publication aspect of the brief - hopefully this will be the main focus for me in this collab, as i think greg is more skilled and be better at working on the digital / web aspect. But lets see when we discuss it. 

I want to experiment with the format of the publication, as it is to interest the internal audience and be something to get them interested with the brand, i wanted to try work on something that is different to just a normal everyday publication. The concepts above are more about the content and how to display the information, but along with that i think it is important to look at the format and size of the publication too, as this is just as important. Making a more interesting publications always attracts people to be more interested and take notice of it, so looking at this element would be a great idea i believe. 

I am backing the idea of having a multi-document publication. Because the brand will be split down into the 4 areas, which are all equally as important, i think putting them all together in one publication will make them be glanced at and some aspects looked over, so i propose the idea of having each section within a separate publication that are of different formats. These will all join together by using a wire plate binding method which is often used in office documents. This will keep all the documents together as one, but also the ability to pull it apart and read each section separately. I think in the case of meeting within the company this will be a practical way to present and to base the meetings around. 

- interesting format to look at and read through
- practical
- hold everything in one place
- the ability to pull it apart and read each section separately
- separates the sections out and means more attention will be paid to each section and nothing will be overlooked. 
- size and format means it will be able to be posted - so the clients in the UK, it can be posted out and be used as a way to introduce the brand to new customers / companies. 

Example illustration to show how the publication would work. 

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