Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD503 // Ellas kitchen // Concept & Ideas

From having several meetings throughout the past week with Greg we have come up with some ideas and a concept for this brief.

From the initial stages we decided that I would look into the editorial side of things and greg would look at the interactive / web side. We decided this because these two sections are more suited to our own interests and design practise.

I came up with a couple of concepts which i listed in the previous blog post, after explaining them to greg, we have decided to run with the concept that works on healthy eating, but using the products of Ellas Kitchen as the basis.
Ellas Kitchen are big on using natural ingredients and being good to the body and the world by using organic products, so the idea of the concept is to use the ingredients from the drinks - fruits and vegetables and characterise them, these characters would run through the products and tell the story of Ellas Kitchen brand. This idea is in keeping with the brand and being fun and kids friendly so i think this is a good way to go.

As i have said i want to experiment with image making and illustration more, we have decided that i will create the characters and design for the concept along with the editorial side. Whilst greg focuses on the web element.

The two main elements of the brief is creating a publication which can be used to show the shareholders about Ellas Kitchen and what they are buying into, also a web element to email to clients they can't have meetings with - people overseas etc. We have split the two elements down so we both focus on one each.

With the publication I have been looking into different formats for the publication and different styles which could be incorporated into the editorial design. I have focussed my idea down to multipage documents, which will split the brand down into smaller booklets, so each one can be more focussed and in depth meaning people should actually read it. Each booklet will take on a different format.

Web - I know that Greg has been looking into different formats for the web, looking at the aspect of creating a sort of online story / process of how the products are made and the things that go into it. It will be interactive for the user and play on the kids friendly aspect, also incorporating the illustrations.

We are now both researching into the two focus areas to get some ideas and designs down for what we can create this into. Meeting regularly we are communicating the ideas and making sure that they both are working along side with each other, keeping the style the same. Once the concept characters are designed this should keep it consistent across the two also.

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