Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Final Crit

For the final crit of this brief, everyone brought in the final work and were split into groups. In tables we worked around the work to see all the different briefs that had been worked on and to evaluate the work. We weren't commenting on the same work that our own was in, so this meant we could properly evaluate the work and give good constructive feedback.

With the groups being the size they were everyone got 4 pieces of feedback.

Crit Feedback:

1. I feel the branding for the company was very clever and works well in identifying with Fedrigoni.
Stock book is very colourful and works well
The book is also very interactive, well informed descriptions of paper stocks and format. I like how you have included different formats for each page, keeps it interesting.

2. Good concept - enjoyed the folded front and interactivity
strong idea - "This", works effectively
front cover colour is quite dull and boring, maybe consider another stock.
blank pages
good rate of work, you could push it further

3. Well executed design and well put together
Don't understand where this fedrigoni is coming from or means
Interactive quality is good

4. Strengths -
The way the poster can be interacted with
A comprehensive guide to the stock in the book

Areas for improvements -
The Z-bind could be taken advantage of more

I feel that the feedback that I got was really good and I appreciated the comments that i was given. I think the positive thing about the work were strong assets within the brief, the negatives about the work i feel were a bit unfair. The feedback about the branding - this was explained in the presentation board that it was presented on, so they must just not have read it, which shows to me as other have said they thought it was clever play on words and works well with the whole idea.

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