Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OUGD503 // Secret 7" // Final artwork

Secret 7" Final Artwork. The first two designs i submitted to the competition, the third one i designed once the competition had finished because the idea came to then, but i still thought i would show this and the concept of it anyway. 

Nick Drake - Rider on the Wheel
I called this 'Freedom of the trail'.
Taking inspiration from the style of music Nick Drake produced, I have created the design to reflect the idea of freedom and travelling the country roads. Using the imagery of the horse and cart as the 'wheels' and the person walking towards it as though they are going to climb up and go off on an adventure. The setting of using the western style houses is to replicate the idea of freedom along with the horse and cart on the open trails. 

Laura Marling - The Beast.
"The Beast is coming"

Taking the song to its simplest representation, I wanted to create something that was simple and clear to identify the meaning of the song. Imagery came from the lyrics "And here comes the beast".

Jessie Ware - Still Love Me
"Complicated Love Affair"
The song from jessie ware has a sort of underlying droning and warped sound to it, which to me sort of sounded like a heart beat. The lyrics of the song are about questioning if you are being loved and the situations that can become where one person is in love but the other doesn't feel that same chemistry. Which is the concept for my artwork. The perfect side of the heart is the person that feels in love, the warped and out of shape side is the second person which doesn't feel the same way. 

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