Monday, 11 February 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Logo

For the range of cards that i am creating, i have to come up with a name and logo for it, this will be printed on the back of each card.
I have already thought of the name - "for the love of writing" - this is to fit in with the concept of creating the blank cards, so the user can write a personal message within the card.

For the logo, i wanted to create something that enhanced this idea of writing, so i have looked at using a fountain pen as the imagery, as this links into hand writing and looks aesthetically better than a normal pen. The designs for the logo have been designed around this idea.

Simple pen nib with the name going through the bottom of the design. I rejected this design because the size of it was too big and the wrong orientation for what i wanted. 

This was a experiment of the design above, but for the same reason i rejected this logo too. 

I liked the idea of this, but using the pencil, didnt fit with the idea of writing a personal message, as you wouldnt do that in pencil. 

From this idea i developed it into using a fountain pen instead. 

I like the use of the fountain pen and think it is relevant to both the idea of the cards and the style that they work in, but it feels as though something is missing from the logo. 

I like this idea too, but again it doesnt look right but im not sure what it wrong with it or what improvements it needs. 

This was another idea which i had, which takes the pen nib and makes it look like its writing the name.  
The type beneath the illustration doesnt work with it. Its too bold and stands out too much compared to the illustration. 

Here i tried it with bodoni, but again the type is too both and out balances the illustration. 

This last one works much better, i decided to go away from using a serif font and try a sans serif, particularly one that has a light version of it. Here i have used Gill Sans, which i think works well. The shape of the overall logo is good and would fit on the sqaure card nicely. 

I was still contemplating with this original design which is above and tried to make this work better, here including a website underneath makes it balance much better and pen being on a angle looks visually better. I think this would work well on the cards too. The only im not sure about is how visible and legible it will be at a small scale. 

The above 2 designs are the ones that i will be choosing between, i am going to test print them both at the right scale on the actual sized card, to see which works best and which is most legible. 

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