Monday, 18 February 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Male Cards

After designing the female cards, I moved onto designing the male cards, these came under the categories of:
- Music
- technology
- food
- beer

Again i have the three variant designs of each card. These are just the outlined versions, I wanted to get this part done first so i could then focus on the colour palette for each group of cards.

A bacon cheese burger. Out of the three designs i am again favouring either the patterned or patterned with over laid bigger version of the illustration. These two work much better as the card artwork and have more of a design element to them. I think the single illustration is too simple and a bit boring, but once i have added colour to them all, it might change them completely.

Using a hammer and paint brush to illustrate the DIY aspect. 

Again the beer card is illustrated by using a pint glass and a beer bottle. I decided to use both of the illustrations together because this had a bigger impact on the design. 

for the music card i have illustrated this by using a guitar, my original idea was to use a music not symbol, but this looked pretty bland and lacked in the design, so i decided to use a guitar to make it more interesting.

For the technology card, i was struggling to start with as a way that i can illustrate this, but i thought about showing something new and old technology wise, the thing that came to mind was mobile phones. This is something everyone has and is high in the technology world today, so i have compared an old phone to the iphone. 

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