Thursday, 14 February 2013

OUGD505 // What is good workshop

To start off this new brief we had a workshop which was to get us thinking about a concept and an idea which we could make something of for this brief.

We started by writing out what we thought was good and reasons for this:

Films - action & comedy - relax, take away from work, enjoyable, entertaining.

Driving - freedom, visiting new places

Easting out - american food, curry - indulge in good food, treating self

Lists - organisation, keeping sane, planning day out

Biscuits - tasty, good with tea

Holidays - being away from home, new places, different cultures, relaxation

Being paid - getting dollar, earning that worked for, being able to do things, accomplishment

Beer - tasty, refreshing

Friends - relaxtion, laughter, fun, people with same interests.

Dogs - a way to get out of house, walking, exercise

Radio - music, up to date with things, introduce to new things and music.

From this we split into groups and discussed our good's.

We were then given a task to choose one of our good's and go away and research into it over night for another workshop the next day.

2nd workshop
I decided to choose RADIO as my good. Initially i looked into the radio in general and got some facts and stats about it.

- peak listeners at meal times - 6-8am, 12-2pm, 6-8pm
- 8-8.15am highest listening rate
- 73% of 18+ listen to radio in car - 2nd in home - 20% online streaming
- morning shows and drive time shws have highest ratings
- listeners have a fixed habit in the morning and will stick to a routine - listen to same station every morning  - high morning ratings.
- people become dependant on radio stations with shows and features to tell what time it is.
- top 5 stations - BBC 2 - BBC 1 - BBC 4 - Heart - Capital

From this i looked into a specific radio station. I looked at radio 1.
- 11,091 thousand listeners a week - 21%
- 1.5 hours per head listened every day
- 6.9 hours listened per listener
- avg audience - 31.9
- target audience - 15-29yr old
- breakfast show is most sort after slot.

Morning breakfast show:
- 15 - 24 yr olds 3.43million listeners
- grimshaw added 1/4 million viewers
- 7.1 million listeners to his show on avg.

- Variety of music
- insight into todays world
- news - keep up to date
- learn new things and music
- Entertainment
- listen for company
- up to date with travel news
- features make interesting and fun to listen to
- targeted at my age range
- keeps you awake in car
- dont need to mess around choosing music
- social media - social interaction
- different types of shows throughout the day
- starting point to talk about.

- music not always what like
- too much talking, not enough music
- lose signal
- popularity - only popular songs - current
- nobody listens as seen as out dated
- distracting from road
- not always local news
- rumours
- too many business ads / ads in general
- presenters influence the shows - if like them or not.

I also asked some people some question about the radio. I asked people my age and older aged people too. This was just to get a general view on what people thought about the radio.

Reasons why people listen to certain radio shows / stations:
- like the presenter
- music is more soothing - easier to listen to
- just for background noise
- keep me entertained
- sing along to music
- dont have to keep choosing music
- competitions
- current music

Things dont like about the radio:
- adverts
- talking too much
- annoying voices / not liking presenter
- annoying features on show
- not the music i like

When listen to radio:
- travelling
- in car
- at work
- getting ready for night out

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In the workshop we had to discuss our good and get the groups opinion on our idea and research.

My group liked my 'good' and thought that i had researched well and specified down to be more specific within radio.

The feedback i was given was that i needed to carry on researching more into the idea of listening to the radio. Paying more attention to the audience and types of radio stations there are with what they have to offer.

I spoke about a couple of ideas about getting younger audience interested into the radio as it is something that is dying out and would combat illegal downloads. The feedback on this idea was that alot of the group thought that this wouldnt be possible as younger audience would interact with it, and other applications making it easier to listen to music.

So i am going to research into this idea more and see how relevant the radio actually is.
I want to research into more of the radio stations and whats on offer as well this might hopefully give me some more ideas of what i could do with theme for the brief.

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