Monday, 25 February 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Female cards with colour

After designing the initial designs of the cards i have started to look at adding the colour to the cards. These are the female cards, so i have looked at a more feminine colour scheme. 

This design was definatly the easiest out of them all to do, it was a simple shape which when adding the colour was simple to adapt and change this to, the rest had a lot of other details that i had to change in and amongst the illustration to get them to work right with adding a colour to it. Out of all 5 this is my favourite design because i think that the owl illustration looks good and works well in this pattern, the colour added to it makes it stand out and the two colours are effective together.  

After adding the colour to all 5 designs with the variations too, i have decided that i prefer the patterned cards, i think these look better as a design and are different to those already out there. 

Im still not 100% on the colours of the cards, some of them i like and others - yellow and red i don't, also i dont think they are a particular feminine colour palette, so i am going to go back and address this. 

Even though the orange is in there, which i don't think is the most feminine colour this set of colours for the cards has a more overall feminine feel to it and suit the cards better. The design of them in quite minimal, but that it was i was going for, its more about writing the message inside them to make them more personal. Im pretty happy with the designs of these and now i need to finish off the male cards, along with the envelopes for both sets. 

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