Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Design Sheets

Now we have both decided on the concept and the way the projet is going to go, I have started to look at the design for the publication. I have sketched out some quick ideas of the planing of both the main publication and the product publication. These ideas are going to be developed more digitally.

Formats that the publication can take. 

Product publication, how the tabbed publication works and the layout of the pages. Layout of the inside of the publication. 

Page layouts for the main publication. This shows the use of type and image within the editorial layout. The illustrations will be worked into the design when i start to do it digitally. 

More workings out on the format the publications can take. 

Planning out what the content of the publication needs to be. Breaking down the brand into the relevant areas that need to be communicated. 

Concept sheet. The 4 concept in which i came up with for the project with some quick drawings to try and illustrate how it will work across the products. The bottom right idea with the healthy eating characters was the one we chose and this was the beginning of the illustrations i created. They were further developed digitally, as i used some visual aids to help me draw them out. 

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