Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Workshop

In yesterdays workshop we were looking at writing a brief and presentation boards.
In the first half we looked at our ideas that we had choose to research into and the key elements of these which would be needed to write a brief.

5 words that sum up your good:
- informative
- music
- communication
- worldwide
- social interaction
- variety

5 words that sum up your target audience:
- educational
- teenagers
- good with technology
- young adults
- visual
- social interaction

5 words that sum up the tone of voice:
- informative
- humorous
- educational
- highlight key areas
- visual
- light hearted
- stimulating
- engaging

5 products that you want to create:
- exhibition artwork
- large scale print
- publication - guide
- invitations
- branding
- logo
- packaging
- tshirt
- promotional material
- website / app
- way finding
- poster
- prints
- interactive interface

- foiling
- screenprint
- letterpress
- emboss / deboss
- lasercut
- digital print - impact colours
- bookbinding

The title that i choose for my project is...

I am going to focus on looking at:
- information & way finding
- branding & identity

In the second half of the session we looked at the design boards we have created to present our concepts and idea so far:

These were the boards that i took into the workshop, the feedback that i got back from the group was:
- Keep aligned to the grid
- Use high res images
- Too much information and text
- Condense text into more manageable bite size chunks.
- More specific information
- Make headings stand out more

After the workshop i went away and made changes to my presentation boards to make them better for the crit tomorrow:

These second boards are much better designed than the first, i have thought about the content and information more, only putting the necessary information for the idea of the exhibition, i can talk about the rest. I have kept the text to a minimum, but enhanced all the pages with more images. Keeping to the grid i have created has made all the pages be laid out better and look better as a set.

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