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OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Brief & Idea


Imagine seeing your card designs on the shelves of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waterstones, Paperchase, Clintons and independent card shops, and on window sills across the country.

UK Greetings are the UK’s market leading direct-to-retailer publisher, and manufacturer of greetings cards.

Based in West Yorkshire, we supply to the major supermarkets, high street specialists and independent retailers in the UK and internationally.

UKG have several established sub-brands, each priding itself on delivering something unique, giving UK Greetings a distinctive edge and sound reputation for diverse and eclectic product. More information on these can be found at

Creative Challenge
The greetings card industry is a very competitive market. We are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, whether this be through an exciting card format, interesting use of finishes (emboss, foil, glitter, varnish, gems, googly eyes, printed card attachments, bespoke attachments, buttons etc), or simply stunning designs that stand out from the competition.

Target Audience
16-34 year olds


Think about the sending situation. Why would you be sending them a card? What is the occasion? Birthday card to a friend or to a family relation? Something to say good luck, get well? Congratulations? You’re getting married? Simply ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’?

Who is the recipient? At what stage in their lives are they? Single, married, with children, off to college/university, passing their driving test, losing someone close to them?

Remember who you are targeting. Who is going to be actually buying the card for the recipient? Although you need to design a card that targets the recipient, it’s the person who is buying the card we need to impress and convince.

Also please note: Women buy far more cards than men.

Is the card design-led or copy-led (could be a quote, just a ‘hello’ or a longer message)?


You must design at least 4 cards. These will include:
- Front page designs.
- Designs for the inside of the cards (this may or may not include an insert).
- A range name and logo to be printed on the back page.
- Remember to think about the envelope colour or design.
- Suggested card sizes – 159mm x 159mm, 121mm x 184mm, 137mm x 159mm, 110mm x 210mm but don’t let that restrict you.
- Add 3mm bleed to all artwork supplied.


As a second competition brief, I am going to do the UK Greetings brief.
This is quite a relaxed brief and something that i can take my time over but enjoy at the same time too. It also lends itself to using printing techniques, even though thats not a necessity.

This brief was one that i looked at at the beginning and i had a couple of ideas then, so i should get on well with this brief which means it shouldn't take too much time to produce.

1. Christmas based cards - santa, rudolph, elf, present, christmas tree, stocking, snowman, penguin,      angel
How to print:
paper craft / 3d cards

2. Four seasons
- Winter - snowflake
- Summer - sunshine
- Autumn - leaves
- Spring - Flowers

3. Basic Illustrations for occasions
New born baby
Get well soon
Passed driving test
New year

4. Valentines day Cards
love hearts

5. Cards for different genres of interests.

Final Idea
The idea that i am going to do is the last idea. This is cards based around genres of interests.
I think there are alot of different kinds of cards out there and so many have been done for occasions, so i am going to take it from different slant. If i design for a interest / genre then the card can be for any occasion.

These will be blank cards. The reason i am doing blank cards is because i believe you right a card for a reason, you want it to be personal and for it say something inside that means something to the receiver of the card. Whenever i send a card i always right something inside because those with the printed message are generic and mean nothing. So i think you should always send a card with a personal message or just the fact it has been written inside by hand shows that they have spent time doing it and makes it more personal than having a printed message across the middle of the page.

This is where my name for the range comes from -
"For the love of writing"

The cards will be illustrative, with bright and fun colours, to make them attractive and stand out on the shelves. But they will encourage writing a message on the inside as they will be blank.

I will do 2 packs of 5 cards - one for male and one for female. The 5 cards will come packaged as one set of blank cards.

I am going to use a simple illustration on the front of each card - this will either be one illustration, or a pattern in the background with the illustration on top but built off the card to make it more 3D.

The 5 cards for each pack will be:
Male -

Female - 

Each set will be packaged together in a set of 5 cards with envelopes.
The range name - "for the love of writing" will be on the back of each card and on the packaging.
These will be digitally printed cards.

Design Sheets
From deciding on the final idea and looking at the aesthetics of this more and more i have started to look at the design aspects of this brief. With the design sheets i have used these to get my ideas out on paper and to get some initial designs out of my mind, i have developed all the ideas digitally as i arent that good at drawing and find it easier to develop my illustrations digitally.

Looking at designing the the icons / illustrations for the greeting cards

Working on the brand name and logo

More ideas on how to use other products within the brand

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