Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD503 // Ellas Kitchen // Formal Brief

After filling out the worksheet that we were given from the workshop about pulling the brief apart and re-writing it to suit our needs and what we want to do for this project, I have wrote it up into a formal brief.

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The brief
Communicate Ella's Kitchen as a brand to the internal audience and shareholders of the company. By creating a range of products to effectively promote the company and its credentials to inform and promote the brand.

Ella’s Kitchen is a revolutionary baby and toddler food company that strives to be Good In Every Sense.
We make great products providing all the nutrition a little one needs.
We instil healthy eating habits to last a lifetime by engaging kids’ senses
through all our products, packaging and communications.
We give stuff back to our friends, our planet, and our team.

Taking into account the brand values and the current style, work with with to create a range of engaging products to tell the story of Ella's Kitchen.

Think about how the user will interact with the products and the tone of voice to communicate to them.

Internal Audience & shareholders:
Production suppliers: raw materials, packaging, logistics.
Agencies: research, design, consumer communications.
Customers: retailers, distributors.
Corporate: IT, legal, insurance.
Potential employees: applicants who submit CVs.

Formal publication for meetings and the ability to be posted out to clients.

Web application / interactive component that works along side the publication, this enable communication to overseas clients.

Welcome toolkit, a welcome pack that introduces Ella's Kitchen to the user and makes them more aware of the brand. Include personal and interactive gifts that make the brand connect with the user more.

The Concept
From looking at Ella's Kitchen and breaking the brand down, the main focus of the brand is using natural ingredients which are organic, this makes the products good for the body and the world. 

Our concept is to take the ingredients of the products and characterise them, making a set of fruit characters which will run throughout the products and tell the story of Ella's Kitchen. This will highlight the focus of natural and organic ingredients as well as staying inline with the style of the brand - making it child friendly and using hand drawn illustrations. 
The colours of the ingredients will also give us our colour scheme and make the all the produce bright, vibrant and eye catching. 

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