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OUGD503 // MILKUP // Label Design

As part of the responsive module i wanted to do some smaller briefs which only took a maximum of a day. This would show the smaller scale briefs and how i cope on doing a brief within a one day turnaround.
To do this i looked for some live briefs online. I came across the website design crowd. This website holds lots of competition briefs that cover all areas of graphic design which are also have winning prizes. So i thought id give it a go. As i wanted a smaller brief i looked at logo / label competitions and came across one which i liked the sound of.

The Brief -
Design a label for a dog shampoo names milkup, the sell point of this series of shampoo is “just like wash your dogs with milk, not harm for your hand ”, the style could be gentle or professional or even amazing.
Use only 2 colors in the design job, the color of our logo could be changed, it depends on your whole page. Please design in CDR or ai.

Please do more changes with the fonts when you design the front page, including title and details. Try more styles of fonts. Addition, this design will be printed on the bottle, no a label stuck on it.

Specifications - 
Label size: 115mm x 60mm


My initial idea was to use an illustration of a dog being washed. The illustration above was the initial stage of this, having the dog sat on its bum, facing forwards with a happy face. I then would add the shampoo bubbles to this once on the label. 
Next to it was the initial design of the label including the illustration. This label definately shows that it is a dogs shampoo, but i have missed out the detail wording so that would need to be worked into the design. 

After doing this initial design, i looked back at the brief online and there had been an additional comment added to the brief which stated that the client didnt want any image or illustration of a dog or animal on the label, it was just to be type on the label. 
To me this seems strange and not the way that i would of designed the label, having it just type doesnt really show what the product actually is, but i have to work to the clients wishes. So i scrapped the idea above and started again. 

The first design from this was the one above. Which has no relavance to the product at all really, it has the bubbles which connect it to shampoo but thats all really. I soon stopped on this design as nothing was coming from it and it was just getting in the way of my ideas.

I thought that the best way to solve this brief by just using type, would be to have the type to link into  something about the shampoo - the first thing that came to me was bubbles obviously. So i started to create the shampoo name in a bubble type style. 

To create this type i used the pen tool and based it around the letters of a standard typeface to get the right shape, but just made it more bubble like. Adding the small details after, makes it seem more bubble like. I was pretty happy with this as the heading so started on the label. 

When i looked back at the brief, they had stated that the label doesnt have to be the actual size of the dimensions, aslong as it fit within them dimensions. 
So i created the label above. Taking the heading as the main aspect of the label, i backed up the idea of the shampoo by having the main description of it being inside a bubble. The smaller detail fit in nicely within the area that was created by the heading. This all seems to fit together well, it reads well and look aesthetically pleasing to me. 

From this i started to think about colours. As its shampoo and to do with water etc, i choose to use blues. The limit was 2 colours, so i opted with a dark blue and a mid range blue. 

These were the two combinations that i came up with, i decided to go with the bottom combination because i feel as though the duller light blue works better with the dark blue. 

From this i added the colour the labels. 

Using the colour combinations these were the two variant labels that i designed with the colours. OUt of the two i prefer the dark blue being the heading, but i dont think that the heading works very good being a block colour, it loses the whole idea and look of being bubbles. 
So i went back to using a outline for the main heading.

I think that the heading works much better being in the outline, the idea of being bubbles is more visual with it being an outline, even though it isnt as in your face. Though stated in the brief they said the label will be printed directly onto the bottle, so having it as an outline will show the shampoo through the heading and be a way the customers could see the shampoo through the bottle. This could work in favour for the client.

Now the front label was designed i had to get the back designed. This had quite alot of information to be included which was provided by the client. So i though i needed a smaller point size for the type and to use a typeface thats clear at small point sizes. 
I was going to use the dark blue as this would be easiest seen, but the heading i tried in the various shades of blue. I prefer the dark blue being consistent throughout the back label design, it makes it seem more uniformed and easier to see and read. 

From that i developed the label more decided that a central alignment to the design would work better as the title was smaller and fit within the centre of the label, i thought the body copy should follow this too. This was it looks more uniformed and professional. I also reduced the size of the directions to that of the information below, this left the main description being a slightly bigger point size, so this stood out and was the first thing that the customer would use - type hierarchy. With the extra room at the bottom i added the barcode, this just shows what it will actually be like in real life when printed. 


The three labels in varient colours. Here i decided that the outline version was better, now its mocked up on a bottle, this is definatly the better one to me. It works better on the bottle and brings the content of the bottle into view and an addition to the label. 

From deciding on the outline version, i looked at varients of that design. Using the light blue and darker blue for the bottom detailing, i have also added the company logo to the bottom of the label design too. I now prefer the darker blue being used at the bottom, this is the same colour as the heading just at a 70% opacity. Using the one colour for the label works better, everything is more balanced and readable now.

Initial back labels mocked up on shampoo bottle. Again i have tried both the dark and light blue, but as stated earlier on i have chosen the darker blue, and now that the front label uses darker blue it makes more sense to keep the one colour throughout. 

variant design of the back label - having it central balances the back of the label out more and looks better when mocked up on the bottle, the barcode makes it look more like an actual product too. 

Going back the first initial design using the do illustration, i carried out the design idea and produced the front and back label for this. This takes on a whole different aesthetic from what i have created above but it still works just as well. I do actually prefer this idea, I think it would work better having the dog on the front so the customers can identify what the product is straight away when you see it on a shelf. 

Front label. From the initial stages i have finished off the label and added colour to it, as this isnt for the actual live brief, I didnt worry about the colour limitations, but the main two colours are the dark brown and blue, the background colour and darker brown have come from using different percentages of the brown. 

The back label again using the brown throughout, as this is the easiest colour to read, i have used the same layout as the blue label above as i think that worked well. This fits well within the shape of the label and stands out better because of the background colour of it. 

Label mocked up on the shampoo bottle. I think having the label shape really does work especially when on the shampoo bottle, it gives the bottle more shape and definition and the label stands out more because of it. The shapes of the label fits the shape of the bottle too. There wouldn't be a blue lid the shampoo bottle in real life, but this is just to mock it up. 

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