Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Poster design

After designing the publication and the box for this to be kept in, i had an idea for a poster. This was keeping in the idea of the paper craft and using layers of paper to show the interaction of the papers.

Here are some initial ideas of the posters. It will be A2 in size.
I like the use of the shapes which are used throughout the publication - but it doesnt work in this placement or colour. 

This idea is much better, the layout of the poster is more thought out and it makes more sense. I have incorporated the tagline within this too. As a poster for the whole idea i dont think it is strong enough. But i have had a thought that i can incorporate it into the box packaging. 

After thinking about the idea more and trying to think of a way that i can show the interaction of the papers together, i came up with a new idea and one that i thought would work well and be consistent with the publication. 

This idea revolves around the different stock colours. I would use the same colours as i have for the front cover and packaging. I will use the laser cutter to cut out the type and shapes accurately. On the top layer everything below will be cut out. Then as the layers go on less will be cut out, so the different colours will show through the top one. The type is cut out but leaving the top still attached to the main sheet of paper, this will allow it to be folded out and again to show the different colours coming through  to the front. 

Laser cut version of the poster.

What the poster will look like - minus the colours. I like the design of this poster and think it more playful and in keeping with the rest of the products for the project. 

Once all the sheets have been cut, i will glue them along the top like you would with a perfect bound book. This will keep all the sheets together put also allow you to lift each sheet separately up.

 As a product this would work as a swatch for a paper range. Each different colour of a paper range could be cut with this design and then the printer / designer can see every colour available, when they have chosen the colour they want they can simple pull it off collection of colours. This also wouldnt ruin the poster as the colour beneath would take its place and show that colour through the shapes instead. 

Photos of finished product

Front view of the poster. Each colour layer is showing through to the front and the type looks 3D.

From the side you can see the type is more interactive and the each of the colours used are showing through to the front. You can also see each colour of the shapes.

Close up on the type - this makes the poster much more interactive and more interesting to look at. 

Looking at the shapes you can see each colour showing through by cutting through each layer of paper. The type also shows through too. 

The swatch poster. Each stock used in the poster can be lifted to see the rest underneath. This can also be pulled off and used as a swatch sample to take to a printer etc. 

Showing each layer of the poster - the different colours available in a paper range. 

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