Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding // Menu's

The final product that needed designing for the wedding products was the menu's. These were the key products for on the tables i the reception dinner, so it was important that they were designed well and usable as this is the only way the guests will find out the menu. 

The design of these were in a fortune teller style as this worked with the theme of retro games, which the idea came straight from the client. 

To design this it was pretty hard in the first place because alot of it had to be done at a 45 degree angle to get it in place when printed. In order to get everything aligned right and in the right place, i created a grid which included all the fold lines

Menu grid. 

From using the grid i could then apply the menu to the design and start to plan out where each section of it needs to be placed. 
The first idea for the menu was the use an image of the hotel on the front where all the corners meet, so i have split the image into four in order for it to print in the right way. 

This shows the design with the grid in the background, as you can see all the information fits perfectly to the grid and was a good way to align everything. 

Menu design without the grids. 

The second idea was to use the heart icon on the top of each section for the front of the menu, this is in keeping with the design of the invitations and works well for the style of everything. 

The design for this idea. 

In the end the client decided to use the heart option because this would make everything that is printed and had been designed for the wedding all in keeping and consistent across all the products. 
Also with the photo idea, the photo was really small on the design, this was because of the type that had to be included, but because it had to be done on an angle it toon up more toom. The photo was too small in reality to see what it was, so it was pointless it being there. 

Final Imagery of the Menu

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