Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OUGD505 // Type Workshop 2

Van de graaf
a gridded page is much like a scaffolding for a building. It is a structure that elements can be organised. A grid will help continuity throughout a layout.

Van de graaf canon is a historical reconstruction of a method to divide a page.
The construction of Van de Graaf canon can work for any page width: height ratio.

Creating the Van de Graaf

using ruler and guides to create the area in which the area for the content will be placed. 

Using the Van de Graaf, you can create different area for the content to be placed. Above is one version and below is another version using the same Van de Graaf. 

From creating the Van de Graaf we then had to create a double page spread using the above layouts, we could try as many different layouts as we wanted.

insert layouts

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