Sunday, 17 February 2013

OUGD503 // Creative Partners // Workshop

In the first workshop for the creative parters brief we looked at what it is to collaborate with someone and the things we need to look out for when doing this. It was also a time in which as a pair we can discuss the certain things about the brief and get it rolling.

We looked at the form we which had to fill in originally and bought our two individual forms together to one form which looked like this:

Why have you chosen to work with your creative partner?
similar interests within design
complementary skill set

Has similar interests within design but both have stronger areas this.
greg - web type layout
good working ethic

What are your specific areas of creative interest in this brief?
Print web and process

Branding, print process, working across a range of products, publication format, final outcome to be professional standard.

What specific design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief?
type and layout - within publication & print
digital / web

editorial design, experiment with stock and materials, layout & simple illustration. Format.

What specific non design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief?
organisation - stay on top of the work and plan time.

organised - can plan out days effectively to get best out of working day.
hard working - a;ways will be willing to stay and work on the brief.

What will your specific roles be in the collaboration in relation to your brief?
print - type grid layout - web / digital - coding and design

Editorial design - publication, managing time, print techniques.

What will your individual responsibilities be in relation to your brief?
type, coding / web, production

layout and editorial design, print / image

What will your joint responsibilities be?
final production of outcomes, concept, design direction, type and grid, layout.

From this we looked at what we had in common and what our differences were:

10 things in common:
- similar interests in design areas
- type and layout
- print processes
- time management
- organisation
- professional outcome

10 individual things:
- branding
- stock / material
- simple illustration
- experimenting with image making
- research
- analysis
- experience of working with another person
- improve on web skills

10 common things:
- design interests
- type and layout
- publication
- organisation
- professionalism
- print / process
- improving on weaker skills
- learn from each others way of working
- same wavelength.

10 differences:
- working on web / mobile
- branding
- image making - illustration
- photography
- stock / material

From this session we were able to work out what both of us wanted to achieve from this collaboration and we found out that were both interested in alot of the same things, this could work in advantage for us but equally go against us too.

At the end of the session we had a brief discussion and decided on doing ELLA'S KITCHEN because i felt as though this offers a wider range of design and ideas that could be brought out for it, its also asking for more to be done for it, which works better as there is two of us.

My argument was that the ITS NICE THAT brief i could do within 3/4 days so in a pair it would take no time, whereas ELLAS KITCHEN is alot bigger brief and asking for more.

We decided that over the weekend we would go away and both come up with some concepts and ideas for the brief. We will meet again on Monday to discuss the ideas and come up with the final concept and idea behind it.

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