Saturday, 16 February 2013

OUGD503 // Secret 7" // Nick Drake

The second artist i wanted to create artwork for was Nick Drake. I have listened to some of his songs previously and thought they had a folk music style to them, thinking of this gives me a cowboy / western imagery into my head.

The song from Nick Drake is Rider on the Wheel.

I wanted the artwork to have a western cowboy sort of feel but that not to be the focus on it. I researched into imagery of a folk style and looked for imagery that i could use for the artwork.

I had in my head the idea of having a person walking away with their back to the viewer and they are walking towards a horse and carriage / western style horse and cart. This would be the imagery to represent rider on the wheel.
From this i would then add relevant imagery to make up the background, adding more textures, colours and detailed imagery to make the artwork have more of a meaning and understanding to it.

Elements of the design

Taken from an image, i have chosen to use a olden style horse and cart to represent the idea of riding on wheels. To achieve the image like this i have cut around the horse and cart and then used colorize within the hue/saturation options on Photoshop.

This is imagery of the back of a person, this would be to illustrate Nick drake. When looking at his previous album covers, he always features in them, so this would be the same sort of idea. Having the person walking away and into the design, will make it look like he is walking towards the horse and cart.

Imagery of a wooden house which is in the same style to illustrate a western village / setting. This will be used within the background along with many other textures and detailing imagery to build up the background of the artwork. 

Final Artwork

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