Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OUGD503 // Secret 7" // Jessie Ware

Even though the deadline for the competition has finished and you can no longer submit, i came up with an idea for Jessie Wares song 'Still love me'. The concept comes from the lyrics of the song, as they are all about being loved in a relationship and questioning this love. One person could be madly in love and be happy with the relationship whilst the other half may not feel the same way or act as though they don't which sends out message to the partner who starts to question the love for each other.

I have taken this idea and applied it to the artwork i have created by using the heart as the main symbol, this obviously represents the love.

The perfect side of the heart is the person that feels in love, the warped and out of shape side is the second person which doesn't feel the same way. This as the imagery for the artwork works well for the concept and fits in with the warped sounds within the song itself too. 

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