Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding // Final Products - Invitations

Now I have designed all the wedding invitations, it was time to get them printed, folded and ready to hand over to the client.
This process of the project was pretty easy because i had designed the all the artwork to fit onto an A4, some of it required double sided printing, but the majority was just ordinary print.

Photos of Printed invitations:
Day invitations

Contents of day invitations - invite, hotel information, RSVP envelope.

Closed wedding invitation

Once opened you see the quote..

Opening the bottom flap reveals all the relevant information. 

Close up of information.

Close up on design of the day invitation.

RSVP slip - this is printed onto the back of the quote section. The guest would cut this section off to send back the RSVP, but once removed the invitation is still intact and can be kept as a memory of the wedding. 

Information Inserts:
Double sided print - one side holds a poem about gift giving for the wedding, the other has the information for booking a room at the hotel.

Both sides of the printed information cards. 

close up of the gift giving poem.

close up on the hotel information. 

Day invitation
Single sided printed invitation.
Holds the same information as the day invite except only for the night.

Full invitation view.

Close ups on the design of the invitation.

The client are providing envelopes for both invitations. 

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