Monday, 25 February 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Print set up

Now that both sets of cards are designed i have made them ready for print. To do this i have added the back section of the card to the design, which is simply the colour of background and then added the range name ' for the love of writing' logo to bottom middle of each card.
I am going to print the cards on a white / cream stock which has some thickness to it, but not too much that the spine will rip when folded. I think i will use either antique white or cartridge paper, it will depend which folds the best.

Before printing the cards properly i am going to test them for the size of the logo on the back of the card, it looks quite big at the minute but i do want it to be readable, so testing this first will make sure it is set to the right scale.

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