Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OUGD503 // MILKUP // Revisions

After submitting my designs to the competition, the next day i got a message back from the client saying that my design was under consideration - he asked me to make some changes to one of the designs i uploaded and also to mock it up on the photo of the bottle he provided in the brief.

This was the design that the feedback was in reference to.

"Thanks for your files! It is good for the title design and pls put this design on the bottle I had provided on the file, I'd like to see the effects after they are print on the bottle, thanks! And it would be more welcome if you put a little dog shape like my logo on the design."

These are the two revised bottle labels, i have added the small dog icon on the top design, this is centred in the middle of the design. The second one i have used the MILKUP logo and centred this in the design too. 
I think that the top design works best, as using the logo conflicts with the type i have created for the MILKUP heading. Also just having the icon of the dog is nice and simple, but also shows that the product is related to dogs when you first look at it.

These two images are of mocking the design up on the bottle. The image provided was pretty poor, hence the mock up not being that good. You dont really get a sense of how the logo will look because of the white background, but on the orignal photo there was a green box to show the size of the logo. At least this shows the size of the type on the label and how it will fit within the shape of the bottle. 

Revision number 2
From this design I got more feedback from the client:
HI, I think I am misunderstood, I hope to see the design is print on the bottle, without the white blackground, pls do it again? And maybe the front look is too much blank, could u pls add some bubble or sth else on it. Thanks!

With this design the client said the design was too blank, so wanted something extra to be added like bubbles. So i have added bubbles to the label both around the main text area and the small dog logo at the bottom. I don't particulary like this myself, but it does make it seem more towards a shampoo now. 

Revision 3
From the design above I got more feedback from the client:
Hi, it is pretty good for you to make the change. Could you also do some change: 
1. The fonts of the middle page"moisture rich smooth & silky 1000ML", try to use other typeface to make a distinction between the fonts below. 
2. Add more detail color lump on top of the design or somewhere else, try to make less white blank space. 

Again with this design i have changed the typeface, this time i have Futura, i choose this typeface because of how rounded it is and i think it works well with main typeface. 

From submitting this new design, the competition closed and I was awarded 1st place. This won me $200, which i was well chuffed with. 

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